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The Optimist

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FRIENDS ONLY [10 May 2010|10:03am]
Friends Only!
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Seeing Sounds [16 Jul 2008|12:59am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Should I or should I not go to Singfest? Hmmn. Pros and cons:

- Some close friends are going
- I want to see OneRepublic, Travis, Melee, Jason Mraz and Panic
- It'll be the closest thing to a festival that I can attend so far

- 300 smackeroos! WTF?
- Said close friends will be going with strangers who I may or may not feel awkward with, depending on the alignment of the planets that weekend
- Pussycat Dolls? RICK ASTLEY? I would rather sit out in the garden in the rain, banging a metal tray against my head for 2 continuous hours.
- I can save the money and attend a REAL festival next year with people I completely adore ;)
- I've already seen Travis and other than OneRepublic, I'm not exactly dying to watch the other bands.
- I hate Fort Canning
- I hate portable toilets
- I hate lining up to purchase a $10 glass of Coke
- I hate lining up to use said disgusting portable toilets when the Coke has inevitably made its way through my digestive system
- Lots of smelly, loud, drunk Ang Mohs will be there. FOR SURE.
- Lots of smelly, loud mosquitoes as well that are magnetically drawn to my AB+ blood

Looking back, I can see the cons clearly outweigh the pros. I guess the portable toilet factor is far more important than watching Panic. Heh.

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And Then Only City Lights Will Brighten The Night Sky [14 May 2008|11:59pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Tomorrow is my exam, and as usual, I am procrastinating. Some of my favourite procrastination activities are: watching the Simpsons, reading fanfic, going through people's iMixes and randomly listening to stuff on iTunes. The other night, I was distracted by new episodes of Britain's Got Talent. I thought some of them were ho-hum, but one of my favourites is this impersonator who did a perfectly hilarious take on Boyzone. Another of my faves is a good-looking duo called Per Diem, consisting of two friends who are supermarket managers, as well as this 13-year-old boy whose voice can bring tears to people's eyes (it certainly did to mine.)

1. Craig Harper (Boyzone impersonator)

2. Andrew Johnston (prepare the tissues!)


3. Per Diem (prepare to throw your undies at these guys!)

Gah, I'm such a sucker for reality talent competitions. Right now, I'm rooting for little Archuleta (or Enchilada, as my mum stubbornly refers to him) but I have a sinking feeling Cook will win. Sigh.

Now I feel like watching the videos again. Damn. Just a few more, and I *swear* I will hit the books.


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